Storage and Warehousing


Storage and Warehousing

Established as a pivotal player in the logistics realm, Prüst holds a distinguished position as a sanctioned Type “C” Customs Warehouse by the Dutch Government. This designation bestows upon us a unique and invaluable capability, allowing for the seamless importation of goods in transit into the Netherlands. What sets us apart is our inherent ability to navigate the complexities of international trade by facilitating the import of goods while deferring Customs Duties and Value-Added Tax (VAT) taxation.

This Type “C” Customs Warehouse status signifies more than just a legal classification; it serves as a testament to our commitment to providing clients with a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions. As goods move through our bonded warehouse, they gain a distinct advantage — the freedom to be exported without incurring the customary Customs Duties and VAT taxation. This not only streamlines the logistics process but also presents a considerable cost-saving measure for businesses engaged in international trade.

Our sanctioned status as a Type “C” Customs Warehouse underscores our compliance with rigorous government regulations, ensuring that our operations align seamlessly with the legal frameworks governing customs procedures. This official recognition not only reflects our commitment to regulatory adherence but also positions Prüst as a reliable partner for businesses navigating the intricacies of international logistics.

In essence, the significance of our Type “C” Customs Warehouse status goes beyond a mere administrative classification. It signifies a strategic advantage for businesses seeking a trusted and compliant partner in the realm of international trade and logistics. Prüst stands as a beacon of efficiency, offering a secure and optimized pathway for goods in transit, further solidifying our reputation as a leader in the logistics landscape.