Security Solutions


Security Solutions

Prust takes pride in offering cutting-edge Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems to diverse facilities globally, emphasizing a commitment to advanced security solutions. As an authorized dealer with POLUS-ST, a reputable Russian manufacturer renowned for their excellence in the field, Prust ensures access to the state-of-the-art Radiobarrier Unattended Ground Sensor System.

Unattended Ground Sensors play a pivotal role in modern security infrastructure, offering an unobtrusive yet highly effective means of monitoring and securing diverse environments. These sensor systems are designed to detect and alert to the presence of unauthorized personnel or unusual activities, providing a crucial layer of situational awareness for a range of applications.

As an authorized dealer of the Radiobarrier Unattended Ground Sensor System, Prust brings forth a reliable and sophisticated solution for various facilities. This system, manufactured by POLUS-ST, is recognized for its technological prowess and effectiveness in detecting intrusions, providing an added layer of security to critical installations, border areas, and sensitive facilities.

The strategic partnership with POLUS-ST ensures that Prust delivers UGS systems that adhere to international standards of quality and performance. The Radiobarrier system, known for its precision and reliability, aligns seamlessly with Prust’s commitment to providing clients with advanced security solutions that meet the evolving demands of today’s security landscape.

With Prust’s UGS systems powered by Radiobarrier technology, facilities worldwide gain access to an enhanced level of security, bolstered by cutting-edge sensor capabilities. This collaboration underscores Prust’s dedication to offering globally recognized, innovative solutions, positioning itself as a trusted provider of advanced security systems for various industries and applications.