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Aircraft & Aviation Program Management

Prüst has become a strategic aviation supply chain partner for dozens of organizations all over the world. Why? Our quality products and services, competitive prices and dedicated staff – all which are focused on one goal: to improve your overall aircraft operation and reduce program costs. Whether you require aviation parts and services, global logistics solutions, unattended ground sensors or total management of all of these areas, Prust is ready to help.

As a full-service provider of both government and commercial development, Prust can augment your staff and management needs for critical projects, from cradle to grave. Why are we brought on to manage large-scale government and private programs? Because of our commitment to excellence, ability to scale, deep knowledge of process, and understanding of the contracting environment.


Managing Your Program from Inception to Execution
  • Technology and Program Evaluation: Will your program be successful? Have the appropriate budgets been secured? If you require expert third party assessment or hands-on evaluation – Prust can deliver.
  • Technology Transfer: Regardless of the country, there are distinct technology transfer points at government agencies. We maintain working relationships with many government entities in order to expedite cross application of technology and process.
  • Total Security: Our professionals are experienced operators with all up to date, needed clearances.
  • Securing local workers: whether you are close to a large urban area or out in the middle of nowhere, we can find the people you need to get the project done

Managing a government or commercial project is not a simple job – there are deliverables, timelines, compliance, contract management, audits, change orders and more to consider. Prust helps you to have control over these functions so you can meet program objectives.

The bottom line? Prust is here to ensure your program works the way its intended – now and for the future. Our global resources and comprehensive approach allows Prust to meet your specific needs. As a result, we are setting the pace for the industry.

By integrating on demand purchasing and real time warehouse management, Prust provides what aviation operators need to efficiently balance maintenance and aircraft operations.

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