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Aviation Parts and Services

While many of these parts are ordered to meet specific requirements, our group continues to purchase parts for ‘stock-inventory’ – to better serve our customers.

Storage and Warehousing

Bonded Warehouse...Prüst is sanctioned by the Dutch Government as a Type "C" Customs Warehouse with the capability to import goods in transit, into the Netherlands, and export these goods without incurring Customs Duties and VAT taxation.

Global Logistics Solutions

Through our network of certified OEM facilities, our team offers 2000 Hour Overhaul Services as well as engineering services to include NVG Cockpit Adaptation, Airframe Ballistics, and Sensor Integration.

Security Solutions

Unattended Ground Sensors

Prust provides UGS systems to facilities of all kinds, all over the world and is an authorized dealer with POLUS-ST, a Russian manufacturer of the Radiobarrier Unattended Ground Sensor System.

ISO Standard Certifcate

Prüst Holding B.V. offers a wide variety of aviation products and services specialising in airframe procurement, component overhaul, specialty tooling, night vision optics and test kits, ballistic protection as well as IAC certified aircraft assessments.

Program Management

To compete effectively, you need to connect your people, data, equipment and processes, to provide effective overall management. With our unified aviation and logistics solutions, your organization can seamlessly connect with partners, vendors, and customers, enabling you to innovate across the value chain.

Our Clients

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