Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

Are you concerned about the security of your facility? Looking for a way to provide the defense you need without using expensive and unattractive fencing and physical barriers? The solution: Unattended Ground Sensors (USG).

Prust provides UGS systems to facilities of all kinds, all over the world and is an authorized dealer with POLUS-ST, a Russian manufacturer of the Radiobarrier Unattended Ground Sensor System. These systems are used by security services of oil and gas companies, to protect aircraft and at facilities of strategic and state importance. The unattended ground sensors are compact, low cost, energy efficient and made from the highest quality materials.

UGS perform the mission of remote target detection, location and/or recognition. These devices are used for perimeter defense, border patrol and surveillance, target acquisition, and situation awareness.

Various UGS Applications

Features and Benefits:
  • Wireless technology of intruder detection and transmission of alarm information via a bidirectional secure radio channel with a guaranteed delivery to stationary and portable receiver units;
  • Ability to deploy and remove the detection line on any terrain (including mountains) in literary a few hours due to its light weight, small size and simplicity of installation/maintenance;
  • Autonomous protection of extended terrain sections and perimeters without replacing the batteries – up to 5 years
  • Economy on the cost of design and installation work and materials as no power supply and communication cables nor engineering preparation of the terrain are required;
  • Protection of facilities not allowing for wire-based solutions.

The Radiobarrier Unattended Ground Sensor System is included in the recommended equipment lists of OAO GASPROM, OAO AK TRANSNEFT, OAO LUKOIL and OAO TNK-BP. The System can be configured to any requirement and application condition. With every new model, the perimeter protection is easier, faster and more affordable.

The use of passive sensor technologies for remote defense applications has increased significantly over the last twenty years. Advances in digital signal processing (DSP) have created faster, smaller, energy efficient chips, which make practical unattended ground sensors (UGS) a reality.

Unattended Ground Sensor Systems can also be used by tactical logistic forces, homeland security assets, and police departments to improve situational awareness or C4ISR resources.


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